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May Movies

Published May 1, 2017 by Kattie Sivley


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword



PS: What movies are you looking forward to seeing this month?


Space City Comic Con

Published July 2, 2016 by Kattie Sivley

I went to my first comic con!! It was Space City Comic Con in Houston, and it was the WORST! I went to see the Sons of Anarchy panel.  It was supposed to be Niko Nicotera, Drea de Matteo, Rusty Coones, Mark Boone Jr, Emilio Rivera, David Labrava, Jacob Vargas, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan,  Ryan Hurst, Danny Trejo, Charlie Hunnam, Timothy Murphy, Chris Reed, Kenny Johnson, and Ron Perlman! I was most excited to meet Ryan Hurst. I even wore a Ryan Hurst shirt!

IMG_20160528_075353386 IMG_20160528_110315738_HDR

BUT MOST OF THEM DIDN’T COME TO THE FUCKING PANEL!  We waited for an hour in line to get in to the con. Which sucks, cause we bought our tickets way in advance.  Then we had to wait in line an hour to get in to see the panel.  THEN WE HAD  TO WAIT AN HOUR for the panel to start and MOST OF THEM DIDN’T EVEN SHOW THE FUCK UP! OMG I was so mad! Before anyone showed up, when they were talking about cancelling, people were seriously talking about rioting.  Someone said you don’t get a bunch of SoA fans together and then stand them up, we are not the type of people you blow off, which I thought was funny.  Timothy Murphy, Chris Reed, Kenny Johnson, and Ron Perlman all did show up though, so that was something at least.

The panel turned into a bit of a depressing clusterfuck with everyone talking about how they were raped or their family members were killed, and how they show got them through it.

The rest of the convention was really interesting. Artist Alley was amazing, and all the cosplay was kickass.  I was too shy to ask for many pics, but I plan on being better next time.



PS: Have you ever been to a convention? What did you think? Any tips for my next one?


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