2018 Challenges and Goals

I only have a couple of resolutions this year but I did take a cue from my friend Kayla at Epicfied.com to see what other types of goals or challenges I could do.


Reading and Writing:

  • I want to read 52 books this year.  That should be absolutely easy, I read more than that last year
  • I want to join the quarterly reading program at the library, because you can win a gift card, and I love the library, and I never go anymore
  • I also want to do the summer reading program at my local libraries, because prizes. I’ve never signed up before, but I read enough to qualify, so I am in this year!
  • Write more! (from Kayla at Epicfied) I want to journal for at least a few minutes everyday and I want to blog more regularly this year
  • I want to write the book reviews to the books I read for Vivacioushobo.com within a week of reading them, so that I don’t forget all of the details of the books
  • Read for at least 20 mins. per day because I read that this is just as good for you as meditation, which I am very bad at

Food and Fitness:

  • I want to try new restaurants. I made a list of all the area restaurants, and have a color code for whether or not I like them.  This will help me go to new places, because there is a visual list and I can easily see where I have already been.
  • Try 6 foods I have never tried, or didn’t like in the past.  (from Kayla at Epicfied) so I am a huge picky eater so this will be pretty hard for me.
  • Move more! I want to try to walk more outside (when it warms up!) and I have a plan to walk with my mom and sister-in-law twice a week.
  • Try something new in fitness (from Kayla at Epicfied) I love this one! IDK what I am going to try yet but I’m excited to figure it out.
  • Complete Adriene’s “30 Days of Yoga” I have started Day 1 twice and I haven’t ever even finished the first video. Maybe yoga just isn’t for me, but I want to give it one more go.


  • More selfies for confidence! I challenged Kayla to do this last year, and she said it went well, and she challenged me this year, so I’m excited to do this.
  • Finish at least 4 coloring books. I got so many coloring books for Christmas, and I already had a ton, so I really need to step up my coloring game
  • Get a new tattoo (from Kayla at Epicfied)  YAAAAAS! I am so ready for a new tattoo. I want to cover up my surgery scars, and tattoo my other upper arm, and cover up my lower back tattoo, and get more finger tattoos
  • Watch more movies. Wade got me moviepass, and I really hope that it comes in the mail soon, and that means we can see unlimited movies for $20/month so I really want to hit the theatres more, since I really enjoy going

Here are Kayla’s goals for this year! (You can see what I challenged her to do)

Anything I should add?



  1. Awesome goals and challenges!

    My reading goal is also 52 this year. (:

    Maybe try Adriene’s new series; TRUE. I’m behind but it’s a new 30 days challenge.

    That movie pass sounds amazing! It’s so expensive to go to the movies nowadays.

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