Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk



Haunted is a novel made up of stories: twenty-three of the most horrifying, hilarious, mind-blowing, stomach-churning tales you’ll ever encounter.

The stories are told by people who have all answered an ad headlined ‘Artists Retreat: Abandon your life for three months‘. They are led to believe that here they will leave behind all the distractions of ‘real life’ that are keeping them from creating the masterpiece that is in them.

But ‘here’ turns out to be a cavernous and ornate old theater where they are utterly isolated from the outside world – and where heat and power and, most importantly, food are in increasingly short supply. And the more desperate the circumstances become, the more desperate the stories they tell – and the more devious their machinations to make themselves the hero of the inevitable play/movie/non-fiction blockbuster that will certainly be made from their plight.

My Thoughts:

So Chuck Palahniuk is my favorite author.  I loved the movie Fight Club, but I haven’t actually read that book yet.  I have read many of his other books and short stories though.Although this is a kind-of collection of short stories, it is actually a novel that the short stories make up. The characters in the book all have to tell their story, because they are locked together in an abandoned theater. This book is disturbing and fucked up like all the other Chuck Palahniuk books. There are a lot of blood and guts in this book, like many of his other novels. I love how each characters story has nothing to do with each other, but they are all connected through human depravity. I’ve heard that the author reading Guts aloud has made many people pass out. I don’t get that. I guess I am pretty messed up too, cause I don’t think that story was that fucked. I mean yes it was fucked up and gruesome, but not enough to make someone pass out. I don’t think. Oh and the cover glows in the dark, which was a bit of a shock to see a scary face glowing in the dark. Surprise.



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