What’s in the Box?!? Geek Fuel



What’s in the Box is a new feature I am going to start having on my blog.  I am OBSESSED with subscription boxes and I am going to share all of my unboxings here with you guys!

I got this awesome Geek Fuel box from my #otspsecretsister Kathleen (Books, TV, and More…Oh My.)  IT IS AWESOME.  According to Geek Fuel: GEEKY GOODNESS Celebrate every month like it’s your birthday! Get tons of intergalactic surprises delivered right to your door.  Every mystery box includes an EXCLUSIVE T-shirt you won’t find anywhere else! (Even the man himself, Stan Lee, is a fan!) Get a full downloadable game and the latest issue of the Geek Fuel Magazine. INCREDIBLE VALUE Packed with a guaranteed $50 minimum value every month for as little at $13.90 (+S&H). 5 – 8 items including toys, comics, collectibles and essential everyday items for your home, office and secret lair. Great gear from Star Wars, Avengers, Doctor Who, Super Mario Bros, Marvel, DC and more.

IMG_20160625_191254080 IMG_20160625_191301769 IMG_20160625_191314156 IMG_20160625_191338382 IMG_20160625_191403146 IMG_20160625_191411353 IMG_20160625_191411353_TOP IMG_20160625_191451357 IMG_20160625_191633676 IMG_20160625_191644379


8PS: What boxes to you subscribe to?







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