What’s in the Box?!? Bark Box


What’s in the Box is a new feature I am going to start having on my blog.  I am OBSESSED with subscription boxes and I am going to share all of my unboxings here with you guys!

Today I am talking about Bark Box! According to their website “For humans, BarkBox is a delivery of 4 to 6 natural treats and super fun toys curated around a surprise theme each month. For dogs, BarkBox is like the joy of a million belly scratches. We paw-pick the best all-natural treats and innovative toys to match a dog’s unique needs, including allergies. When your dog falls in ruv with something from the box, you can easily find it again on BarkShop.com, our app or by texting us. And if your dog isn’t happy with something that came in the box, we’ll fix it. Scout’s Honor.”
I bought this box because I just started working full time after being a stay at home chihuahua mom for 3 years, and now she is being left alone all day.  I thought this might be a good treat for her. (and I am super into subscription boxes!)

In this box Zoey got a pretzel chew toy that has crunchy foil type paper in it, a bully chew, a red ball that you can stuff treats in (she couldn’t figure it out), and two types of treats!  She wasn’t really into any of the toys, so I ended up giving the red ball and bully chew to my mom’s dog, but she likes the treats, and I feel like eventually she will like the pretzel toy. She has another toy that makes the same crinkly noise and she likes it.  Zoey might be too picky for this subscription, but I am going to keep it for a while, maybe she will likes next month’s better.

8PS: What boxes do you subscribe to?





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