What’s in the Box?!? Munchpak



What’s in the Box is a new feature I am going to start having on my blog.  I am OBSESSED with subscription boxes and I am going to share all of my unboxings here with you guys!

First up is Munchpak. According to their site “Munchpak is an assortment of the best snacks from around the world delivered to your home, dorm room, or office as often as you would like. Each MunchPak Mini contains 5+ full size snacks, the Original MunchPak contains 10+ full size snacks and our FamilyPak contains 20+ full size snacks.”

IMG_20160620_184628624IMG_20160620_185151344 IMG_20160620_185058444 IMG_20160621_192501358 IMG_20160621_192541393 IMG_20160621_192849245 IMG_20160621_192919843 IMG_20160622_192626803 IMG_20160622_192930008 IMG_20160622_195237099 IMG_20160624_204254953 IMG_20160624_204300176 IMG_20160624_204305866

Even though I didn’t love all the snacks it was really fun to try new things from different countries, and I’m glad I subscribed! ❤

8PS: What boxes to you subscribe to?







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