Things I Just Had To Know About Penni from Penni’s Perceptions!

Penni's Perceptions

Today we have the awesome Penni from Penni’s Perceptions on the blog.  You might remember me mentioning her before because she sent me the awesome Ninja Book Swap gift!

• Give us the history of you. (family life, where you’re from, etc.)

I am in my early thirties. I am from Georgia. I’m about 2 hours from
Florida. I live with my boyfriend and his little girl. I am a CNA and I
work night shift at the hospital.

• When did you start blogging? Was this your first blog?
I started blogging in January. This was not my first blog, however, it is
still the same blog address. I’ve owned the address for many years. I used
to blog about NASCAR and Backstreet Boys as well as writing fan fiction
about both.

• What made you start blogging?
I was on my Facebook and a suggested Post displayed an Anne of Green
Gables reading challenge and so I clicked on it. It lead me to Purple Pink
Studios ( and the challenge. And it had me
thinking about blogging again but this time joining the book blogging
community. And so…I did!

• How did you come up with your blog name?
It’s my name with wised attached to it. I’ve penniwised in some fashion
since I was a teenager.

• How long were you running your blog before you started getting many
I don’t have many followers currently. According to Bloglovin I only have
10 but that’s a start for me. But thanks to the reading challenges I
participate in, the blogging challenge
and following/commenting on other’s blogs, I have been able to gain

• Walk me through the process that you went through to get your blog to
where it is today.
Well the previous question, in my opinion, answers this but I continuously
find things I want to update graphics-wise and so it’s a neverending task.
I still haven’t managed to be consistent with my posting but I’m still new
so that’s my excuse LOL

• How many books do you read in a month?
Depends on my mood. Some months it’s 10 books, while other months it’s 2
or 3.

• What book did you read most recently that you loved, and would recommend
to everyone?

Midwives by Chris Bohjalian

• If a new blogger came up to you today, and you only had a few minutes to
talk, what would be your best blogging tip?
Be friendly and be active. Make yourself know. Read and follow other blogs
and comment on posts, granted don’t comment just because, and when someone
comments on your blog take the time to reply back.

• Have you ever liked the movie more than the book? Be honest! (and tell
us which one!)
I don’t typically like the movies more than books. I enjoy the movies but
I love the books.

• Are there any popular books you know you would never read (i.e. 50
shades of grey, tell us which one)?
Right now since most the book bloggers I’ve came across read YA books they
are all into the newest series, but none of them interest me and I feel
like I already like so many I don’t want to try to add more LOL.

• Any new blog features you are working on?
Currently there are none, but I think as my feet get wetter I will feel
the need to add more features to my site.

• What are 5 items you never leave home without?
iPhone, Kindle, reading glasses, keys, purse

• Anything else you would like to add?
I want to thank you for interviewing me. It was a great and humble

Stalk Penni:

Thanks Penni for taking the time to answer the interview for my blog!


PS: Anything you would like to know about Penni!



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