Fairmont Library Cheese Class

One of the cool things about going to the library other than all the free books (ob….viously) is that they do different classes and demonstrations.  My mom and I went to a cheese making class last week at the local library.  It was really fun and interesting.  We learned to make butter (just heavy cream in a jar and shake it really hard), ricotta, and mozzarella.  The butter and moz. were really good! I wasn’t a fan of the ricotta, but I don’t even like store-bought so it is not surprising.  LOL.

Making mozzarella was just like making ricotta but had an extra step of microwaving the curds then pushing and pulling them like taffy. Cheese is awesome.  Libraries are awesome.


8PS: What are some fun things you have done at the library?



  1. Looks like it was messy but fun. My Great Aunt used to make butter in a cleaned out mayonnaise jar, shake, shake,shake until butter formed. Cool and it “sets up” in the fridge.


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