#ArmchairBEA 2016: Beyond

ef1b2-armchairbealogoexampleBeyond the traditional form of the novel, what are your favorite alternative forms (graphic novels, audiobooks, webcomics, etc)? Do you have any favorite works within these alternate forms? How do you think the changing format affects the reading experience? 

Our secondary topic, beyond the blog could focus on the ways you engage in talking about books outside of your blog. Do you participate in book clubs, take classes, meticulously maintain your goodreads profile? Let the world know!

Beyond the book:

I love graphic novels and comic books!  Here are some of my favorites:


The Hatter M series by Frank Beddor, a graphic novel spin-off of the Looking Glass Wars series. The graphic novels take place when Hatter and Alyss get separated in the pool of tears, Alyss ends up in London, and Hatter ends up in Paris.  This is the story told from his perspective as he hunts for Alyss for years.

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The Wonderland series of graphic novels by Raven Gregory, and published by Zenescope are amazing.  This is not the Wonderland you grew up with.  These graphic novels are darker, and filled with horror.


Are you sensing a pattern here? I love all retellings of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, especially comic and graphic novel form! The Wonderland series by Tommy Kovac is great.  The artwork is interesting and surreal.  This comic follows Maryann (who Alice was mistaken for by the White Rabbit) and while it doesn’t have Alice in it, all of the other characters make an appearance.


Beyond the blog:

I was previously in a book club, but it didn’t work out, because we couldn’t get any people to show up.  Which is sad, because I would love to be in a book club and get together with people in real life to discuss books.  I recently started a collaboration book blog with my friend Candace (Literary Dust) and so basically, beyond this blog, there is another blog. Like Inception, for blogs. LOL

8PS: What other formats of books do you like? What graphic novels and comics can you recommend? Anything outside of the Wonderland realm? Any Wonderland comics I don’t know about yet?!?!?!? Are you in any book clubs? How do you promote your bookishness outside of your blog?





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