TBT Review: Saving Sunni (The Keyhole #2) by Kasi Alexander and Reggie Alexander

TBTI had a different book blog, and I had a bunch of problems with the blog hosting company, and all of my content was deleted.  I managed to salvage some of my reviews from back then by compiling what  I wrote on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobles review sections.  I will be posting these reviews under a new blog post called Throw Back Thursday Reviews, until I have posted them all on this blog. 🙂 See some that I have already posted here.


Goodreads Summary:

Jessie Chambers—“Sunni” to the local BDSM community—needs to grow up. Her master, Sir Rune, has told her to get a job. Her sister slave, Sage, is struggling through college, serious as ever. Sunni goes to the local goth/kink store, The Fringe Element, and is immediately embraced by its quirky owner as the newest member of her “little family.”

But almost immediately things start to get complicated. Sunni’s ex shows up, claiming he’s found God and that God wants them to get back together. A video of Sunni and Sir Rune doing a scene at the club winds up on television and all kinds of trouble ensues. Sunni must figure out a way to restore her relationships, keep her master from getting deported, take over running the store, and stop everybody else from trying to “save Sunni.”

Six sentences from “Saving sunni,” the sequel to “Becoming sage.”

“Sir dipped the huge blade closer and closer, occasionally catching a piece of the plastic wrap with the tip in a movement that seemed much too fast to be safe. The plastic made a very satisfying ripping sound, but only a tiny piece actually came loose—not enough for me to even feel. He was very theatrical, and I knew it was making a good show. I pretended to be terrified, screaming occasionally, although not too much for fear of accidentally setting off my panic. He swung the knife up and down the length of my body, occasionally holding it against my throat and tracing a white-hot line, making some of the women in the audience gasp. It was hard for me not to smile when he ran the blade across my skin; that was actually the safest part of the play, and I knew he was doing it mostly to calm me down.”

My Thoughts:


Wow, wow, wow! If you thought the Fifty Shades series was too extreme, this book is 100 times more extreme. There are not small hints at BDSM, it is full on detailed scenes, and explanations of different aspects of the lifestyle. sunni (this isn’t addressed in the book, but submissive/slave names are always lower cased, while Dominants names, and titles like Sir or Master, are always capitalized.), lives with a her master and sister slave sage. Her master, Sir Rune, decided that sunni needs to get a job. She applies at a local gothic/kink shop, The Fringe Element. She does get hired, by the crazy, eccentric, lovable owner Geri. Things get super complicated when sunni’s abusive ex-husband shows up, he has found god, and wants sunni (Jessie Chambers to him) back as his wife. He starts stalking sunni and her leather family. He ends up sending a video of one of the scenes sunni is in to the news, and immediately they get involved in the sexy scandal. This book was very good. I enjoyed it a lot. It explains a lot about the BDSM community, and the different dynamics of the lifestyle are. It also talks about how people keep this lifestyle hidden, mostly due to the face that people do not understand (hence the news scandal). It is the same as gay people before it was mainstream, and still some people protest, and do not approve or understand. It is the same for the BDSM community. Overall, a very interesting read.



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