5 Fandom Fridays – Fave Stores for Geeky Wares

Graphic by Darling Stewie

Super Space Chick and the Nerdy Girlie have a cute meme called 5 Fandom Friday.  The prompt this week is: Favorite Stores To Get Geeky Wears/Wares

One of my fave stores to get geeky stuff is Hot Topic, because I can go there and try stuff on.

This shop has the cutest shirts ever. I have several, and they are all of good quality.

I love Think Geek! They have such unique items, and you get points for every purchase which you can use to get free stuff! Their yoga pants are super cute and comfortable also.


Entertainment Earth

This is a catalog I get in the mail (you can get one too for free) but they also have a website.  They have a ton of action figures, shirts, and all kinds of geeky goodness!

Amazon is such a good place to get geeky anything, because they sell literally everything.  Plus with prime you get free two day shipping! ❤


PS: What are your favorite places to shop for geeky stuffs??




  1. Hot Topic is my favorite store ever (okay, after any book store). I spend way too much time shopping there but they have the best geeky shirts and I live in geeky shirts (literally)! I also like TeeFury which is another amazing t-shirt website. Oh and Spencers, they’re weird because they have a whole “adult” side to their store but they also get a lot of the best geeky things. Oh, and the WBshop because they sell all kind of Harry Potter things. =)

    I hadn’t heard of this meme before so now I’m going to go stalk it and see if it sounds as amazing as it seems. =)

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