Ninja Book Swap!

I participated in the Valentine’s Ninja Book Swap and it was amazing!

Penni  of Penni’s Perceptions sent me the best package ever!

Here is what I got:


sorry for the poor pictures I used my phone.IMG_20160317_181104025

Look at this amazing Disney comics collection! I didn’t even know this was a thing! I love it! ❤

IMG_20160317_181111062 IMG_20160317_181114903

Deadpool is my favorite. Coloring is my favorite! YAASSS!IMG_20160317_181120764 IMG_20160317_181124390

This owl coloring book is so cute! ❤

IMG_20160317_181128418 IMG_20160317_181134621

She even got my pencils so I could start coloring right away!


And look at this little owl coloring book, perfect for my purse!

IMG_20160317_181151529 IMG_20160317_181158305

OMG How adorable is this owl and fox water bottle.  I just took up running, so this is pretty baller to have on my runs! ❤





I added one as a purse charm and one as a key chain! IMG_20160317_181227908

It even came on St. Patrick’s Day! IMG_20160317_181250273

These adorable Frozen eggs had candy in them!IMG_20160317_181310160

Snowflake sweettart type candies!


OMG thank you Penni so so so much! I love everything!  I hope your swap partner sent you the most amazing stuff also!

8PS: Did you participate in this swap? What did you get? Are you participating in the next swap?  I love penpals BTW and would love to write to any of my readers if anyone wants to trade addresses! ❤





  1. I am glad that you liked everything. I was a little worried about one or two of the items, as you are aware of. It wasn’t difficult to buy for was difficult NOT to buy two of everything because I wanted it too LOL


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