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Do a Book Tag
There are these things going around the blogosphere called book tags. It’s basically some idea or subject, and then you put books into their categories, matching them up. Here are just a few tags I found that you can do, or you can make your own!

This is honestly so hard, because I absolutely love all of the Pixar movies! But Inside Out is my new favorite. Sadness is my Patroness.

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10628410 was very similar to 24770

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Stalker in the Enclave Series by Ann Aguire.  Was he considered a villain? He was certainly villainous in the very beginning.

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This is a tough one because I don’t really read about happy families ever. Ever. But the Everdeens in The Hunger Games series have a good relationship.  I mean look what Katniss did for Prim.


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I’d love to be able to teleport like Nightcrawler from the Xmen!



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Holly Blue from the Faerie Wars series by Herbie Brennan.  I’m not sure if you would call her a sidekick of if Henry, the main character, is actually the side-kick.

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I loved the Hunger Games, Divergent, Matched, The Uglies, and the Alice in Deadland Series.

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This is so tough.  I don’t commonly read love stories.  So I am going to pick the only love story (that isn’t even a love story) that comes to mind and that is Jack and Ellen from The Heir Chronicles by Cinda Williams Chima.  I mean they were supposed to kill each other, but they couldn’t because they fell in love.  (kind of like Katniss and Peeta, although Katniss totally would have killed Peeta, if she thought he was trying to kill her.)

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Tag you’re it!







8PS: Have you done this tag yet? What are some of your fave Pixar movies?




  1. This was such an enjoying post to read! I absolutely ADORE Inside Out (as anyone in their right mind should) and love Sadness just as much as you do. That Lemony Snicket gif is one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a long time. I totally want to teleport as well! Awesome choice! Love Nightcrawler and X Men in general!

    I have had the first two books in the Faerie War series for yeeeaaaaars and have yet to pick them up, how worth it are they?


    Have a great day/night

    Cody @ http://www.roeckerreviews.blogspot.com

    P.S I love the layout of your blog! 😀 It’s quite nice!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg yes! I think everyone loves Inside Out! How excited are you for the new Netflix lemony snicket series? I can’t wait!!!
      There are 5 books in the faerie wars series so it is a bit of an investment but I really enjoyed them, I even re-read the whole series when the fifth book came out. So I say go for it!
      Yes! Illuminae! My husband just finished it and he is a super non reader and even he loved it!


  2. First of all, I have to fangirl for a minute because of my gosh how did I not know you were a fan of the Heir Chronicles???? Cinda Williams Chima is one of my top 3 all time favorite authors and I do not know enough bloggers who love her.

    Okay, moment over. Sadness is my patroness too! Nightcrawler’s ability would be awesome, plus it looks so cool too.

    I may have to do this tag at some point because Pixar mixed with books??? YES PLEASE. Hmm…I don’t know which movies are my favorite…all of them??? Inside Out of course, and Brave… Those are my top 2 but I can’t narrow it any more than that!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg yes! So few people talk about the Heir Chronicles!! I read the first three when they came out and then I read the last 2 last year (and reread the others of course) because I didn’t realize it wasn’t a trilogy!
      We share a patroness we must be besties!!
      Mystique’s powers would also be cool. Imagine never having to buy makeup or have your hair done cause you could just change it! Teleporting would be best though because I like to travel!
      Do this tag!!!


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