Things I Just Had to Know About Kaitlin Michelle From Vivacious Hobo……wait..that’s me!

The lovely Rachel over at Beauty and the Bookshelf came up with this ah-mazing idea to help get out of a blogging slump.

Today’s post challenge:

Wednesday, March 9

An Interview With Yourself

  • Give us the history of you. (family life, where you’re from, etc.)

I am from the suburbs of Houston, TX.  I live with my husband and our sweet chihuahua, Zoey.  I am in my late 20s, and I am a stay at home wife.  I am super into all things Disney, Harry Potter, and zombies.  I had a Halloween Wedding. Which was epic.

In 2015 I lost 75 pounds, and I recently joined the Hogwarts Running Club (team Ravenclawesome!) and have started the Couch 2 5K running program.  I haven’t run since junior high, maybe even elementary school, so it is really hard, but I am actually enjoying it so far, plus I love all the shiny medals you can get when you sign up for races, so I am looking forward to that! ❤

(Me and my husband 2013)

(Me now)

  • When did you start blogging? Was this your first blog?

I started blogging in 2011 on, but I had hosting problems with Blue Host and lost all of my content.  I quit altogether for a while, and then came back under this new site.

  • What made you start blogging?

I really just wanted a place to talk about books, and the things going on in my life. Hopefully find like-minded people to be friends with. 🙂

  • How did you come up with your blog name?

Since I am a stay at home wife (without kids) a lot of people ask me “well what do you even do all day?” (and that’s super rude and none of your fucking business) and I felt kind of like a hobo from all the negativity going on.  But not a drug addicted, rob you, kind of hobo, more a vivacious transient that wants to travel and do fun stuff. Thus Vivacious Hobo was born.

  • How long were you running your blog before you started getting many followers?

I have blogged since May 2014 on this blog, and I still don’t have huge numbers.  Honestly this makes me sad, even though it shouldn’t, and is one of the reasons I think about stopping blogging, because one the one hand I am like why bother if no one is going to read this, although I feel like each person who does follow my blog is a special amazing snowflake for being here and they are so amazing and should get only amazing content, and I didn’t really start a blog for followers, I started a blog for myself, and yes I would love to have a million followers and get paid to blog, but that is not in the cards for this blogger.

  • Walk me through the process that you went through to get your blog to where it is today.

A lot of trial and error, deciding which types of posts I like, and which ones are a pain in the ass.  I used to do a ton of book tours and it took up a lot of time and I realized I was promoting these books and authors I never heard of and didn’t really care about and that is kinda sketchy, so now I just post whatever I feel like.  I want to start posting some memes though like getting back into Top Ten Tuesday posts and maybe do some Fandom Friday posts or something. IDK yes.

  • How many books do you read in a month?

 This is so variable for me.  I was averaging around 4 books, but recently got into a slump.  Some months I only read 1. Or not even 1, if I am in a super slump, like right now, it is taking me forever to read the anthology I am reading and I actually like it a lot.  And then sometimes I get into super reading mode and read 1 book every 1-2 days for weeks on end. Those are my favorite times.

  • What book did you read most recently that you loved, and would recommend to everyone?

Illuminae! I haven’t done a review for this book yet (IDK if I am going to keep reviewing since I seem so reluctant to post anything lately)


But this book was sooooo good, and I don’t even like sci-fi but the formatting for the book was weird written in surveillance videos and IM chats and I just loved it.  I talked my non-reading husband into reading it also. YAY!

  • What are the top questions you get asked by your readers?

I don’t actually get asked a lot of questions.

  • If a new blogger came up to you today, and you only had a few minutes to talk, what would be your best blogging tip?

Don’t feel like you need to do anything for your blog.  It doesn’t NEED reviews or memes or gifs if you don’t like any of those things.  Just have fun with it.  Don’t let it turn into a chore. (I need to take my own advice!)

  • Have you ever liked the movie more than the book? Be honest!
(Photo Credit)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower was such a good movie.  I love Queen Emma Watson, and she was amazing in this.  Don’t get me wrong. I loved the book.  I just liked the movie better.

  • Are there any popular books you know you would never read (i.e. 50 shades of grey, tell us which one)?

Game of Thrones.

It is just not my style AT ALL. I know that I won’t like it.  I like the show well enough, but even the show isn’t really my style.  I am not super into epic or period type things.  I do watch GoT and I do like it, I just don’t love it.  The books look boring. Definitely will not read them.

  • Any new blog features you are working on?

No, but I am thinking of joining in on some memes that other blogs are hosting.  OOOO And Kayla over and Epicfied and I just started doing a book swap so IDK if that will be ongoing or not, but she featured me on her blog (here) and she got me


Which I am really looking forward to reading! ❤

  • What are 5 items you never leave home without?
  1. inhaler

  2. epi-pen

  3. phone

  4. wallet

  5. pen

  • Anything else you would like to add?

Yes.  I want to thank each person who visits my blog.  Thank you so much for taking time out of your probably super busy schedule to stop by and read the random ass bullshit that I post.  I truly appreciate it.  And I love love love all of your comments. ❤

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  1. WHAT AN EPIC WEDDING. I love it! Also, YOUR HAIR. LOVE IT. I’m constantly changing my hair color, which is bad. My hair can only take so much and man oh man do I PUSH it. (Right now I’m working on silver and it’s a pain in the ass.) I love everything you said about blogging. I think it’s safe to say that we all sort of feel like we’re preaching to an empty crowd, like we’re putting all this time into posts and no one’s reading them. But what you said is totally right: we’re not in it for the fame and fortune, and every one of our reader’s is a precious snowflake to be treasured. You thanked us for reading, and I thank you for posting–and for the words of wisdom!


    • Omg silver is so hard to do for your hair. I really want to do white bit there’s no way I can handle going through the process so many times to get there. Good luck with your silver!

      And thank you so much!!!!


  2. This is definitely going to be a weird question but are you and your husband at Disney World in that picture of you two from 2013? It looks like The Grand Floridian! Or possibly Crystal Palace, bu Iʻm definitely getting Disney vibes.

    I love your hair color! I wish that I could have pretty colored, galaxy looking hair but Iʻm too scared to get my hair bleached in order to do it.

    Illuminae was the best! I canʻt wait for the second book to come out already. I donʻt want to wait until November for it.


    • Omg yes we are at Disney World! Good eye!! You should totally do your hair. Bleach isn’t that big of a deal if you do it professionally! Plus it will always be able to dye back and everything.


  3. Thanks for sharing, Kaitlin! I really need to read Illuminae, like right now.
    I’m halfway through A Game of Thrones and I’m really not enjoying it… So as far as I’m concerned you’re not missing out 😉
    Nice to ‘meet’ you! 🙂


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