#ShelfLove February 2016: Book Girlfriend

Published February 15, 2016 by Kattie Sivley

#ShelfLove Challenge Twitter Recruitment Post Image

As you know, I am participating in the #Shelflove challenge this year again hosted by Terri from Second Run Reviews, Brandee from Bookworm Brandee, and all of Chapter Break!

February’s topic: Who is your book boyfriend or girlfriend or best friend? What qualities does this character have that makes him/her the best?

I choose Hermione Granger for my book girlfriend.  She is clever, and sweet.  I like her values on equal rights, and that she too loves to read.  I feel like with Hermione you would never get bored, she will always have something interesting to say.

Plus Emma Watson is so beautiful, and she IS Hermione. 🙂


PS: Who is your fictional crush?


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