2016 Bookish Goals!

It is that time of year (the end) that I start thinking about the goals I would like to accomplish for the upcoming year.  Not resolutions exactly, just some goals to help keep me on track.  Last year I did not make my goals at all so this year I will be making them much easier.


This year I am still wanting to read 40 books that I already own, including ARCS I have been sent, and books that I have purchased.   I want to do the #RockmyTBR challenge and the #Shelflove challenge this year, so this should be easy to accomplish.

Read more e-books and books that I requested from Netgalley.  I have over 300 approvals that I need to read! Yikes! Last year I barely read any of these. It is hard since I also have over 400 print books to read!

Only accept review books if the book was already on my TBR! I can’t keep accepting books that I don’t have time to read, even though it is really hard to pass up on a free book.

Review books within 1 week of reading them.  I am terrible at doing this, and it sucks because I always forget a ton of things I wanted to say, and I even get books mixed up some times.  I got some sticky notes to put in the books while I read them, so I can take notes, so I want to try to remember to use those!

Complete all of the challenges I signed up for!!


PS: What are your bookish goals this year?  Did you meet all of your 2015 goals?



  1. I’m also really working on challenges and reading more! This is the first year I’ve tried to set goals for my blogs, specifically with challenges. I’ve never really been into challenges, but I’ve found some fun ones this year and I’m really excited to meet new bloggers and find out about new books. I know book stacks can be hard to get through, but you can do it! Good luck with your goals!

    Eli @ The Silver Words


  2. I didn’t meet all my 2015 goals, but I did better than the year previous so I think that’s an accomplishment! I think trying to review books within 1 week of reading them is a great goal. I have a similar problem. Sometimes it’s too easy just to dive into the next read without taking the proper time to think about what I’ve just read ^^; Good luck with your goals this year~


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