The 2016 Challenge Challenge

The Novel Orange is hosting The 2016 Challenge Challenge! This challenge is to help us actually stay on task and complete the challenges we sign up for this year!  I totally need this, because last year I only signed up for the #Shelflove Challenge and I got sloppy about that in the second half of the year.

As a way to keep track of challenges taken on and completed, I’ve created a challenge pledge and reward system!

  • Level 1 – Complete at least 1 reading and/or blogging challenge (Cool As A Cucumber)
  • Level 2 – Complete at least 5 reading and/or blogging challenges (Cinco de Challenge-o)
  • Level 3 – Complete at least 10 reading and/or blogging challenges (OCD: Obsessive Challenge Disorder)
  • Level 4 – Complete at least 15 reading and/or blogging challenges (Coo Coo For Cocoa Puffs)
  • Level 5 – Complete 20+ reading and/or blogging challenges (Insane In The Membrane)

I am going to choose the Cinco de Chalenge-o level, and try to sign up for and stick with 5 challenges this year!


PS: How many challenges did you sign up for this year? Share what they are in the comments!


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