The Spiderwick Chronicles: Care and Feeding of Sprites (The Spiderwick Chronicles – Companion Books) by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black


Goodreads Summary:

Got Sprites?

Many would have you believe that sprites (or “fairies” as they’re often called) are sweet and pretty and ultimately peaceful creatures. But don’t let the carefree nature of these dazzling beguilers fool you. Because while they do make for awesome pets (or, if you prefer, companions), these are not creatures to be handled lightly. So forget everything you know – or think you know – about sprites, and listen to the experts from the International Sprite League as they, with the assistance of the creative team that brought you the bestselling Spiderwick Chronicles, provide a resource that will prove to be as essential for the novice sprite keeper as a strong cage and eyes in the back of his or her head.

My Thoughts:

See what I thought of the rest of the series here.  

The illustrations in this book are very cute, and match the series exactly.  This book is just a companion book, and won’t really work as a bedtime story or anything, but it is cute and interesting to look at.  It takes about 2 minutes to read, and about 20-30 minutes to pour over the artwork.  The information it gives you on care of sprites is funny and believable.  Overall I loved it, and if you have the rest of the series, I think you should get this as well. 




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