The Key (Engelsfors #3) by Mats Strandberg and Sara Bergmark Elfgren


Goodreads Summary:

The heart-stopping conclusion to the internationally bestselling Engelsfors Trilogy
The final installment of the Engelsfors Trilogy—an international sensation with rights sold in 29 countries—The Key combines thrilling action and dark magic with all the passion and drama of teen life. The result is nothing less than explosive. By the end of the second book, Fire, only the Chosen ones remain as the last defense against the mysterious, demonic forces that have been plaguing Engelsfors.
The Chosen Ones are still coming to terms with their loss when evil strikes again, barely a month after the showdown in the school gym. They have no chance to recover, and no choice but to rally together to try to prevent the apocalypse—even while their personal dramas threaten to tear them apart.
Time is running out for the Chosen Ones to fulfil the prophecy and save the world, but whether they succeed or not, one thing is certain: Everything will change.

My Thoughts:

I already reviewed the first two books here and here.  Please don’t read this if you haven’t read the first two books, because of spoilers.  I do not want this series to be over!  Everything does wrap up nicely in this book with no ridiculous cliff hangers or anything, but it doesn’t have to be over.  They could keep writing.. I want more!  I loved this series. I love how all of the characters develop over the series, even the characters that are dead.  They are so real!  In keeping with the realness not everyone gets a happy ending, and people die, but the book is so good.  This book has the final battle of the girls against the demons.  The issues are that the guardians aren’t totally honest or forth coming with information, and the circle is becoming splintered because of this.  Because Elias, Rebecca, and Ida are gone, the girls need to be closer than every, but the guardians have messed everything up by sending Minoo to work for the dreaded Council.  This causes major rifts between Minoo and the other Chosen Ones, because, well it’s the freaking Council!  Each of the elements must manifest before the apocalypse, but after the first one, each element seems to come on rather quickly.  Not only that, but Linnea has her trial against Erik and Robin (and Kevin) which has her having panic attacks.  Alexander threatens to kill the girls if they manipulate the trial into their favor.  Linnea and Vanessa’s connection is so strong, and Linnea’s emotions are too much for even the two of them to handle. Anna Karin seems to have grown up a lot in this book.  I’m sure finally having friends, and even not having her mother have made her into a stronger person.  Like I said earlier this book ends with all the lose ends tyed up and no major cliff hanger, which is good, because this is the final book in the series.  I don’t like it when they leave the end of a trilogy with so much left unanswered and that did not happen in this series.  The entire series was amazing, and  I recommend getting all of the books like I did, and just reading them back to back non stop.  It is that good.  I wonder how much better this book is in its’ original language.  Victor still has me feeling guilty for not reading the book in the language it was written.  Loved it. 




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