Ruby on the Outside by Nora Raleigh Baskin


Goodreads Summary:

Ruby’s mom is in prison, and to tell anyone the truth is to risk true friendship in this novel from the author of The Summer Before Boys that accurately and sensitively addresses a subject too often overlooked.

Eleven-year-old Ruby Danes is about to start middle school, and only her aunt knows her deepest, darkest, most secret secret: her mother is in prison.

Then Margalit Tipps moves into Ruby’s condo complex, and the two immediately hit it off. Ruby thinks she’s found her first true-blue friend; but can she tell Margalit the truth about her mom? Maybe not. Because it turns out that Margalit’s family history seems closely connected to the very event that put her mother in prison, and if Ruby comes clean, she could lose everything she cares about most.

My Thoughts:

I loved this book.  It is about a young girl named Ruby.  I think this book will help a lot of young people.  Ruby’s mom is in prison. The book talks about all of Ruby’s experiences and feelings about her mom being in prison.  It goes from her not understanding why her mother can’t come home right now, to her finding out exactly why her mother is in prison.  Ruby never tells anyone her mom is in prison, and she feels like she has to lie to her new friend.  Ruby doesn’t have many friends (none really) and she really wants Margalit to like her.  She gets scared, because she feels like this secret is something you should tell your best friend, but she is also worried that Margalit won’t like her anymore.  The story is very emotional, and is beautifully written.  You can really connect with Ruby and all of her emotions.  I think all counselors should have this book, and it would be great for any young person who has a parent or even another family member away in prison.  I think it would help them realize they are not alone, and that all of their feelings are okay, even if they are angry or scared.


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