Femme by Matte Bach


Goodreads Summary:

Academics have never been Sofie’s strong point; she’s too busy spending all of her free time with her boyfriend, Paul, the captain of her Surrey high school’s soccer team. When her English teacher implements a new program that pairs her with straight-A student Clea, Sofie worries about how Paul will react to her hanging out with the only out lesbian at school. Sofie is as surprised as Paul at how close she and Clea quickly become.

When Sofie discovers that Clea is planning a road trip to check out some American colleges over the winter break, she invites herself along, causing more issues with Paul. But it’s only after a college student asks if Sofie identifies as a “femme” lesbian that she starts to question her own sexuality and her relationship with both Clea and Paul.

My Thoughts:

Honestly I feel like you could just read the back cover of the book, and not read the book.  It was very short, so I was able to finish it quickly, which was a plus.  I did not find the main character Sofie to be relate-able at all.  She abandons all of her friends to hang out with her popular boyfriend, and doesn’t care about school work or anything else but him.  Then she gets assigned to work with Clea, the only known lesbian at school, and she starts spending all of her time with Clea, abandoning Paul, and still not talking to her old friends.  So she just moves from being pretty obsessed over one person to the next.  Also, I understand questioning your sexuality.  I like men and women, so I truly understand.  BUT, Sofie suddenly knows she is in love with Clea and that she doesn’t like Paul anymore, except as a best friend.  She acts as if it comes as a complete shock to her that she likes girls. She only realizes this after she realizes she has a crush on Clea.  This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me because she already knew Clea. They weren’t friends or anything, but she knew her, so wouldn’t she already know that she sort of liked her at least.  IDK I just didn’t like Sofie, and I didn’t feel like the book had a lot going on plot wise.


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