#Shelflove Midyear check in

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I’m doing the #Shelflove Challenge as I have been for the whole year (you can see all of my updates here.) , hosted by Terri from Second Run Reviews and the lovely people from Chapter Break!

June’s Topic: Mid-Year Check In
Well, we are six months into the challenge. How are you doing? Have you met your goals and/or budget? What changes have you made? Are you thinking ahead to next year?

These are all of the books I have read this year.  11 Netgalleys  21 ARCs  and 4 books I purchased.  I say ARC when I have the print copy of the book, because I know Netgalley provide ARCs also.


UntitledI have also started and did not finish 22 books (3 I had purchased) so I think those count, because at least I purged them from my shelves.  So in total I have read (or tried to read) 58 books, and was able to purge at least half of those from my shelves!

I have only purchased one book this year, which I think is really good. I pre-ordered Fat Girl Walking by Brittany Gibbons, but that is a crazy improvement from last year. 1 book in 6 months.  I probably would have purchased at least 30 by now if I was still buying books.




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