Fire (Engelsfors #2) by Mats Strandberg, Sara Bergmark Elfgren


Goodreads Summary:

Praised by Lev Grossman as “stunning, …raw, real, smart, very thrilling and very, very wicked,” The Circle, the first book in the internationally bestselling Engelsfors Trilogy, introduced a group of high school girls with special powers who became the Chosen Ones. As book two, Fire, begins, Minoo, Vanessa, Linnéa, Anna-Karin and Ida have been struggling with their own demons all summer long. Now school is back in session, and whether they like it or not, the five Chosen Ones must stick together stronger than ever before.

Evil is back in Engelsfors and it threatens to engulf everyone and everything—and only if the five girls accept their strengths and trust each other unconditionally will they have any chance of defeating it.

The second installment of the Engelsfors Trilogy—an international sensation with rights sold in 26 countries—Fire sees the past woven together with the present, the living with the dead, our human world with demonic forces. This spellbinding novel takes the reader on a wild journey in a world where the stakes are higher than life-and-death.

My Thoughts:

This book follows the first book, not directly, but not very much time has passed.  A lot of stuff is going on in this book! Not only do the girls still have the impending demon apocalypse to worry about, the entire town has joined a cult that hate the girls, and the Council is in town for Anna Karin’s trial.  It sounds like too much for one book, but it all flows together neatly.   The writers have really done a beautiful job making the characters so well developed.  Their personalities are so diverse, but in this book they really start coming together as a group.  The plot is fast paced like the first one, maybe even more so, since there is a lot more going on.  All of the magical elements are great, but the book is very real as well.  The girls deal with actual life things, like family drama, sex, other stuff that actually happens in the day to day of teenage life.  Aleksandr and Viktor are the first glimpse of the Council that we get to see and it sucks.  They are obnoxious.  Viktor enrolls in the girls’ school to keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t use any magic, which is kind of ridiculous because he uses magic to hurt a boy in their class that annoyed him.  Viktor makes me wonder how much of this book I am missing out on because it is translated, after he makes that comment to Minoo.  The Council is as terrible as you knew they were going to be, which is unfortunate for the girls, and for their principal/magic teacher.  I want to say a lot more, but I don’t want to spoil the book.  Just be prepared to be surprisingly sad. Starting book 3 now! Can’t wait to see how this chaos ends.



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