Picture Books from the Texas Library Association Annual Conference

Here are some quick reviews on pictures books I received at the Texas Library Association Annual Conference.


I thought this story was cute.  It is about finding out what is at the end of the rainbow, and along the way each animal the little girl encounters joins her on the journey.  I didn’t like the illustrations though.


This book is so cute!  The illustrations are great.  It is about a mouse who is being chased by predators.  The other farm animals cause a ruckus to save the mouse, and all is well in the end. Super cute.


I normally don’t like picture books that have real pictures and not illustrations.  That being said, I did like this book a lot.  I love how it shows diversity, and I think it is very good for children that come from families that aren’t traditional, so they know they aren’t alone.  I think it is good for tradition family kids as well to learn about different types of families.


I don’t think this is a book your kids are going to be begging you to read again.  It is very informative, and you might be able to talk your kid into trying something new because they see it in their book.  This book talks about more than types of fruit, it talks about parts of fruit, how fruit grows, harvesting fruit, processing fruit, where to buy fruit. Fruit, fruit, fruit.



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