Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary by Polly Whittaker


Goodreads Summary:

Over 13 years ago, Polly Whittaker began forging the new frontier of sexual expression. It began as a simple idea: to create an environment in which people could express themselves sexually in a social context in a way that’s not seedy or creepy, traditionally the case when talking about sexuality. With the help of hundreds of volunteers, she built Kinky Salon, a creative and sex-positive environment, that has since turned it into a global movement, with events happening in a dozen cities all over the world.

San Francisco is the home of the sexual revolution, and the community that has evolved around Kinky Salon over the past decade is an important chapter in that history. By spearheading this intentional community-building, Polly has laid down the foundation for an evolution of how we view sexuality in our modern world.

Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary, is a no-holds barred look into this incredibly creative world. It’s a book about modern relationships, counter culture, a quest for family, and a real-life glimpse into this little corner of the sexual revolution.

My Thoughts:

The cover of this book is beautiful!  I love Polly!  I love her ideas of sexual revolution.  I got this book from Netgalley, and I was stoked to read it.  I have always heard about San Francisco being more open to the gay and kink culture, and I was glad to read about it and someone who helped revolutionize sex culture and start a following around the world. That sounded cult-y but that isnt what I meant.  This book jumps around from Polly’s childhood where she grew up in London with parents who were not monogamous.  Everyone who reads this is going to have awesome fondue parties from now on, am I right?!? Ahem, anyway…
One thing I didn’t like about all the jumping around was I felt like she wrote the ending several times.  At the end of several chapters it seemed like everything was wrapped up and the book was over, and then it wasn’t.  I think at one point she even said something about it being the end of the book, and then there were more chapters.  I thought that was odd.
Polly’s journey goes from home life, to moving to San Francisco, which was supposed to be just a vacation visiting a friend, and she never left.  She realized she fit in very well with the people of San Fran. She becomes a popular latex clothing designer, which is what she did in London, but gets her own store now.  She has a lot of friends, and they become a community really.  She goes to Burning Man for the first time and gets hooked and ends up going back every year.  She ends up creating Kinky Salon which is like a sex club, but so much more.  It is a real community of kinky people, who all come together in this one place.  She really tells everything in this story, you don’t just hear super happy fun times, or just about the sex revolution, or anything.  She talks about it all, (happiness, love, sadness, sex, drugs) even the ugly parts of her life, which I think is beautiful. Overall I really liked the book. 



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