My Thoughts on Love & Profanity Edited by Nick Healy


Goodreads Summary:

Here are more than forty short, brilliant, and unforgettable true stories from writers famous and on-the-rise. Here is the intensity of daily life. Here are transformative moments arising from the mundane. Here are strange and surprising tales that tap into universal truths. Here are teenagers in full splendor and horror. Here they are, bursting with love and profanity.

My Thoughts:

I would buy this book based on the cover and title without hearing anything about this book, but that would have been a mistake, because I don’t like it enough to re-read it.  I love anthologies, and I was in the mood to read short stories, especially true ones about the authors teen years.  It even included an author I already knew I liked (Pete Hautman.)  This book just seemed mediocre to me.  The stories did not seem to be put together in a way that flowed, and a lot of them weren’t even anecdotes you would want to hear from your friends.  I really didn’t understand what the authors were trying to say in some stories, or if there wasn’t a point at all.?.  This book reminded me of Chicken Soup for the Soul – Teen Edition, something I had when I was in junior high, but I remember loving that story.  I read YA all the time, but maybe I am just too old for this book, I didn’t connect with it at all.  None of the stories really evoked memories of my teen years, like I expected. Overall I didn’t like it.

signaturePS: Which YA authors would you want to be included in this, so that you could hear true stories about their teen years? I would want to read about the crazy shit J. K. Rowling did, or Scott Westerfeld, or David Levithan. So many!


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