#Shelflove March Update — Free books!!!!


No Book Buying Challenge 2015 – March Update

As you know, I am participating in the Show Your Shelves Some Love: A No Book Buying Challenge.
In an effort to help you guys save your money and stick to your budget we are sharing our favorite free book sources this month.  That’s right FREE BOOKS! Imagine all of the money you will save!

#1 The library

This is a wonderful free book resource.  They usually have all the new releases, and if you make an account online you can put holds on the books you want, and they will be right there at the counter waiting for you when you go in.  They also have e-books, for those of you who are Kindle/Nook exclusive!

#2 Netgalley

I request a million books on Netgalley.  Although I am trying to stop requesting until I read the ones I was already approved for.  I have over 300 approvals on there right now! Yikes!

#3 Amazon


I just go to e-books and sort by genre, since I really only read young adult books.  I then sort those by price: low – high, and grab all of the free books.

#4 Freebooksy

Instead of rifling through all of the Amazon books you can have other people do it for you! This site will email you to let you know about free e-books.

#5 eBooks Habit

Free eBooks from eBooksHabit.com

This is another website like Freebooksy that will email you about free books!

8PS: What are some of your free book sources?  Can you make it an entire year without buying books?!



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