Book Blogger Love-a-thon Mini Challenge # 4: Book Selfies!


Hosted by: Alexa Loves Books .

For this challenge we are supposed to take some photos of our books. So, here are my book selfies and book shelfies.

These are my book shelves! They are cheap from Target, but they do the job.  I’ve moved twice and they have held up.  I had to make sure my cool Alice in Wonderland collection showed up also. 😉
I organized my books alphabetically by author.
I didn’t take pictures of my art books or my children’s books shelves. Or the 3 stacks of books I have on my floor from Christmas, but you get the idea, I have lots of books I need to read. Or reread.

Harry Potter and Lemony Snicket books will always be my favorites! ❤

8PS: What do your book shelves look like? What do you think of mine? How do you organize yours?



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