Throwback Thursday Review: A Rose in the Desert by Chi Emerole


I previously had a different book blog, and I had a bunch of problems with the hosting company I used for the blog, and all of my content was deleted.  I managed to salvage some of my reviews from back then by compiling what I wrote on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobles review sections.  I will be posting these reviews under a new blog post called Throw Back Thursday Reviews, until I have posted them all on this blog. 🙂


Goodreads Summary:

Touching, uplifting, and reveling in a child’s ability to appreciate life amidst trying conditions, Chi Emerole’s A Rose in the Desert captures the greatest wish of all children: to have the most stupendous birthday ever. Rose’s heartfelt determination is a gift and her positive nature in the face of unusual circumstances is a tremendous message of hope and personal power; her devotion to friends and family, and her exuberant celebration of life is a wonderful testament to the importance of unconditional love. Told with unbridled joy and enthusiasm, A Rose in the Desert is endearing, heartfelt, and full of life lessons and messages of a truly global community that every child can learn and grow from.

My Thoughts:

This is a beautiful book. It is about a young girl, Rose, who is celebrating her birthday. Rose and her family are living in a refugee camp during a war in Sudan. She is first worried about what kind of birthday she will have so far away from home, but the day is filled with hugs, dancing and even birthday cake. This is a book of hope. The artwork in this story is amazing. Every page is beautiful.


Beautiful children’s book. Recommend to anyone.



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