Let’s Help The Romantically Challenged Man

Could guys come up with fabulous and creative date ideas on their own? Sure. Will they? Probably not. It’s not because they don’t care, because they do, especially when they show up with nothing planned, and it makes you sad!  In steps Man Crates Store who have come up with an awesome idea to help guys find their romantic side, while still being manly, because what more manly than busting into a crate with a crowbar? Nothing.

Since I am a bookish nerd, of course my ideal date would have some literary element involved.  Here are the 5 things I would include in my date in a crate:

Paper flowers made from the pages of books.  These are beautiful, thoughtful, and will never die, so you can keep them forever!





A book and its movie, so that you talk about both when the movie is over.



And you need a nice literary blanket to snuggle under while you watch your movie, and talk about your books.




A bookish cookbook, so that you can enjoy a home cooked literary based meal.





Can’t forget the Bookish Cocktails to go along with dinner.


Man Crates say they are on a mission to provide guys with the tools they need to succeed not only on Valentine’s Day, but any situation!  Not to mention they’re a great gift idea for any girl who may not know what to buy her guy


8PS: What would you want in your date crate?


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