100 Skills for the End of the World as We Know It by Ana Maria Spagna


Goodreads Summary:

What skills will you need after a global catastrophe? Whether it’s the end of oil, an environmental disaster, or something entirely unforeseen, Ana Maria Spagna outlines 100 skills you’ll find indispensable for life after the apocalypse. Once the dust has settled, you’ll need to know how to barter, perform basic first aid, preserve food, cut your own hair, clean a chimney, navigate by the stars, stitch a wound, darn socks, and sharpen blades. You’ll also want to build a stable and safe community, so you’ll need to master the arts of conversation, child raising, listening, music making, and storytelling. This fascinating and entertaining book, full of quirky illustrations by artist Brian Cronin, will provoke surprise, debate, and laughter while it provides a road map to greater self-reliance and joy, whatever the future brings.

My Thoughts:

I received this book for free in exchange for a review.  I would not buy this book based on the cover.  I thought this book was going to be more serious.  It is silly and quirky.  It was a fun read.  It lists 100 skills you might need for the end of the world (obviously) and each one is listed with a small paragraph about why you might need the skill.  Most of them don’t have any tips on how to actually do any of these things, but advise you to find out how.  There were some useful skills like first aid and making shelters.  There were some not so serious skills like barbery and day dreaming.  And there were some skills that sound funny that are actually useful, like cloud reading, to see what the weather might do, since we won’t have Google to tell us.  Overall I wouldn’t buy this book, but it was a quick, jovial read. 

8PS: What skills do you think we might need at the end of the world as we know it?


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