2015 Bookish Goals!

It is that time of year (the end) that I start thinking about the goals I would like to accomplish for the upcoming year.  Not resolutions exactly, just goals.

Read at least 40 books that I own! I am doing the book buying ban challenge, so this should be easy. I have purchased so many books I really want to read, but review books and life in general have gotten in the way.

Read more of the netgalley books I have signed up for! I am terrible about requesting books and not reading them. I have over 250 approvals now! I need to start on this so badly. I plan to read at least 30 of these this year. Hopefully more!

Accept less review books this year! I plan on only accepting up to 24 this year. It is hard to pass up on a free book, but then I end up accepting everything, even genres I know I hate. I have a huge stack of review books that I totally intend on reading but have not gotten around to yet.

Which brings me to read those books I already have. Authors and publishers are counting on us to review the books they send us. I really DO intend to read them! I promise! It has just been taking me forever. I want to read at least 20 of these this year.

Review books within 7 days of reading them instead of weeks. I’m sure I forget a ton of things I want to say about the book, because it has been so long since I finished the book.

I want to read at least 1 hour per day. I am a stay at home wife. I have nothing but time on my hands, but somehow I end up binge watching Netflix all day, every day. (Have you seen Criminal Minds though? And they have 9 seasons, how can you stop in the middle?!?!)

This will have me read 90 books this year, which is almost 2 books a week, which should be super easy with my 1 hr reading goal!


Keep a memory jar.

Walk 10,000 steps every day. This is supposed to be healthy, and after a year of binge watching Netflix, I want to move more!

Start a schedule to keep me from watching TV all day. My husband and I came up with a schedule for each day with weekends free to do anything. Just like a work schedule, only way more fun. My schedule includes time for arts & crafts, reading, blogging, walking/biking, cleaning, laundry, dishes, all in 2 hour increments. I will also try to walk Zoey every 2 hours, because I know she needs and wants to go out!




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