Review – Sela (Leland Dragon Series # 2) by Jackie Gamber


Goodreads Summary:

Peace was fleeting. Vorham Riddess, Venur of Esra Province, covets the crystal ore buried deep in Leland’s mountains. His latest device to obtain it: land by marriage to a Leland maiden. But that’s not all.

Among Dragonkind, old threats haunt Mount Gore, and shadows loom in the thoughts of the Red who restored life to land and love. A dragon hunter, scarred from countless battles, discovers he can yet suffer more wounds.

In the midst of it all, Sela Redheart is lost, driven from her home with only her old uncle to watch over her. As the dragon-born child of Kallon, the leader of Leland’s Dragon Council, she is trapped in human form with no understanding of how she transformed, or how to turn back.

Wanderers seek a home, schemes begin to unfurl, and all is at risk as magic and murder, marriage and mystery strangle the heart of Esra. A struggle for power far older and deeper than anyone realizes will leave no human or dragon unaffected.

In a world where magic is born of feeling, where the love between a girl and a dragon was once transformative, what power dwells in the heart of young Sela?

My Thoughts:

Sela is a fantasy novel about dragons. It is the second book of the Leland Dragon Series. I have not read the first book yet. Sela was a great book, even though I did not have the back story of Book 1.  This book was an easy read, and a page turner. I read the entire book in one evening. You could really feel for the characters in this book. This book has something for everyone, action and love. Sela is a dragon that turns into a human, so there is an element of naivety with Sela, because she does not have a feel for when to keep her thoughts to herself. All of the characters in the book are believable, even the background characters that aren’t as fully developed, you still get a feeling for them. There is a lot going on in this book, and I found it very enjoyable.


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