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Today we have the pleasure of talking with Jessica Robinson, the author of Undead Obsessed, a new book about the science behind zombies in film and literature.




  • Give us the history of you.

I was born and raised in Wyoming, and I’ve never really left. I’ve visited other places, but this will always be my home.

  • Tell us about your new book in 10 words or less.

Zombies are a metaphor for our fears of science.

  • Why a penname, and where did Pembroke Sinclair come from?

I usually always use my real name for nonfiction work, but I decided to do a pen name for my fiction so that people could find me. Jessica Robinson is pretty common, and when you Google it, a country singer comes up.

When I was pregnant with my first son, I was looking up potential names and thought Pembroke Sinclair Robinson would mean he was destined to be an author. My husband didn’t think so. He asked me if I wanted our child to get beat up on the playground. Obviously I didn’t, so I took it for myself instead.

  • Walk me through the process that you went through to write your new book.

I’ve always wanted to write about zombies, but I was never sure what I wanted to say. Inspiration hit while watching World War Z, and I loved how science played a role. It got me to thinking about science in other zombie films, and I realized that it has a pretty bad reputation. I was also curious to know if there were things in the real world that could possibly create zombies, so I decided to do a little research. Which then turned into a lot of research and talking to various experts. It was great!

  • What made you decide to write this book?

Mainly my obsession with zombies and a desire to understand the meaning behind them.

  • What is it about zombies that makes everyone so obsessed?

You know, I honestly don’t know. I think that The Walking Dead definitely helped revive the genre, but monsters come and go in cycles. Vampires were big for a while, and now it’s zombies. They are the monster du jour.

  • How would you survive in a zombie apocalypse?

My family and I talk about this all the time. We have an escape plan to get out of our house and into the mountains where it’s difficult for zombies to walk. Basically, we plan on getting as far away from cities and towns as we can. Avoidance is the best defense against a zombie.

  • How many publishers did you send your book to before it was picked up?

I sent it to 4 publishers and 79 agents.

  • What book did you read most recently that you loved, and would recommend to everyone?

Alien: Out of the Shadows by Tim Lebbon. I am a HUGE alien fan, and I was thrilled when a new set of novels came out that played into the popular movies.

  • Any tips for new writers?

Never give up. The publishing world is full of rejection and heartache. It will destroy your self-esteem, make you question why you’re doing what you’re doing, but it only takes on yes to make all the hurt go away.

  • Have you ever liked the movie more than the book? Be honest!

Yes, I have. But for the life of me, I can’t think of an example!

  • Are there any popular books you know you would never read?

Yes, but I’m not going to name them!

  • What are you working on now?

I am currently doing edits for the sequel to The Appeal of Evil, a YA paranormal romance, called Dealing with Devils, then I will be working on the third book in the series.

  • What are 5 items you never leave home without?
  1. My wallet

  2. A notebook and pen

  3. An idea of where I’m going

  4. Clothes and shoes J

  5. My phone

  • Anything else you would like to add?

    Thank you so much for having me on your blog! I appreciate it!

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Twitter: @PembrokeSinclai

About the Author:


Jessica Robinson is an editor by day and a zombie-killer by night (at least in her books). Since the first time she watched Night of the Living Dead, she has been obsessed with zombies and often thinks of ways to survive the uprising. In addition to her nonfiction book, under the pen name Pembroke Sinclair, she has written YA novels about zombies and the tough teens who survive the apocalyptic world. She has also written nonfiction stories for Serial Killer Magazine and published a book about slasher films called Life Lessons from Slasher Films.



Undead Obsessed: Finding Meaning in Zombies by Jessica Robinson

166_0.737874001414445137_uo_cv_hrGenre: Nonfiction, pop culture

Publisher: Booktrope

Date of Publication: October 31, 2014

ISBN: ISBN-10: 1620155923

ISBN-13: 978-1620155929

Number of pages: 202

Cover Artist: Greg Simanson


Book Description:


Jessica Robinson’s obsession with zombie films started when she was in junior high. Horror films are a great lens to examine concerns society has about modern science. Let’s face it, when it comes to horror movies, science has a bad reputation. Blind ambition, experimental serums, and genetic experiments are often blamed for the giant monster terrorizing the city or the reason aliens are taking human prisoners or the cause of the dead rising from the grave to consume living flesh.

Using film, literature, and interviews with experts, Robinson examines how zombies portray real-world fears such as epidemics, mind control, what may or may not exist in space, the repercussions of playing God, and the science behind the fears. Robinson’s goal is to explore how zombies become a metaphor for our fears of science and what could happen if science gets out of hand.


Available at Amazon





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