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Today we have Catherine Stine author of Dorianna (a twist on Dorian Gray!)

Dorianna starts out as a plain, lonely teen, and she’s shunned when her father is jailed for a serious misdemeanor. In a new city and school, she makes a valiant attempt to blossom, but it doesn’t work… that is until she makes a dark vow with a flashy guy from Coney Island who claims he’s the Prince of Darkness. Dorianna doesn’t believe in his magic. Yet, she becomes beautiful, attracts the eye of a boy she longs for, makes friends, many followers. All too soon though, her shadowy side begins to scare her. In fact, it seems like its own entity. The beast, as she nicknames it, has a mind of its own that seizes Dorianna’s mind, her entire life. These teaser excerpts give a hint of her frightening transformation.


The dark side exists in all of us—The beast is a metaphor for longing, for the itch of the con, for corrupted power. I wanted to explore what would happen if that craving ever got out of control. See what you think.



  1. Early on, just before Dorianna makes the dark vow:


I gasp for air. This feels like some creep-show pledge. But I don’t believe in Hell, or the devil, or any superstitious junk. I don’t know what I believe, except that I’m cynical about religion, after that mess with my father’s church, and finding his list. So, it doesn’t matter what I say to Wilson. It’s only a torrent of words. How much sway do words have in the real world, anyway?

Wilson taps impatiently on the keypad. “You want beauty and youth forever? I can give you that. Power over those mean girls, Ava and Lacey. Power over a lot of people. It’s yours for a price. Just say it.”

“How do you know about them? I, I never told you.” Wilson doesn’t answer, just keeps on grinning. His eyes are golden and black and red all at once. Like unearthly spears, piercing me. I’m dizzy. I need fresh air, now. But I want this promise more than anything. Ever. “What’s the price?” I rasp.

Wilson’s stare burns into me. “Can’t say, exactly.” He takes a long breath. “But there always is.”


  1. Dorianna begins to realizes the upside of the vow:


Ander’s gray-blue eyes glaze over. His animal need wafts over in a hot rush that takes my breath away. “Do you know how much I thought about you today?” he whispers.

“No.” I’m trembling. “How much?”

“I thought about you when I was in Lit, and wondered where you could possibly be. I thought about you when I waited for you by our lockers after school. I thought about how I split on you at the Yellow Party, and how that wasn’t cool. How I took you out to Coney on a whim, but you charmed me. You’re the first person who’s been able to make me forget about . . . other girls. I’m into people seeing us more together, you know?” He strokes my cheek. Each fingertip sends a delighted chill of desire through me.

Charmed him? Is that part of Wilson’s magic? My rational side scoffs at the idea. No matter what, or how this happened, Ander knows what to say to open me up in a way I’ve never dared before. His grin says, Take a chance, and you won’t regret it.



  1. Now her own dark beast is at war with her better side, and changing the videos:


“Freaking W-T-F!” I bleat, and press stop. I cover my face for a long, jarring time. Then, with horrified fascination, I press replay—same bad magic. My fingers tremble as I fumble for Wilson’s number. Texting won’t cut it for this conversation.

“Hello, Dor.” He picks up after just one ring. Expecting me? he doesn’t even have to say it out loud.

“Try harder to take those goddamn videos off YouTube,” I splutter. “I’m begging you.”

“The videos won’t let me.”

“That’s crazy. They’re not people! Did you write YouTube a help message? Double-check their tutorial on how to delete?”

He sighs. “It’s you. I told you before. The unpredictable magic in you wants them there.”


dorianna4Dorianna by Catherine Stine


Genre: YA paranormal/horror

Publisher: Evernight Teen

Date of Publication: October 24, 2014

Word Count: 91K

Cover Artist: Sour Cherry Designs

Book Description:


Internet followers, beauty, power. It all sounded good.  Until it transformed into a terrifying reality Dorianna couldn’t stop.   Dorianna is a dark twist for the Internet generation on A Picture of Dorian Gray.   When her father is jailed, her mother ships lonely, plain Dorianna to her aunt’s. There, Dorianna yearns to build a new identity, but the popular Lacey bullies her—mostly for getting attention from her ex, Ander.   Ander takes Dorianna to Coney Island where Wilson, a videographer, creates a stunning compilation of her. She dreams of being an online sensation, as she’s never even had a birthday party, and vows she’d give anything to go viral. Wilson claims he’s the Prince of Darkness and warns her the pledge has downsides.   Dorianna thinks he’s joking. She has no idea of how dire the consequences might be.


Catherine Stine author photo


About the Author:


Catherine Stine’s novels span the range from science fiction to paranormal to contemporary. Her futuristic thriller, Fireseed One won finalist spots in YA and Sci-Fi in the 2013 USA News International Book Awards and an Indie Reader Approved notable seal. Its companion novel, Ruby’s Fire was a finalist in the 2014 Next Generation Indie Awards. Her paranormal YA, Dorianna launches with Evernight Teen in October. She also writes new adult fiction as Kitsy Clare. Her new adult Art of Love series includes Model Position and Private Internship. She loves all things spooky, exotic and edgy, including travel to unusual locations. She also loves hearing from readers.







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  1. Sure. It’s set on the Jersey shore in 1932, and the lead is Fiera, who hails from a powerful witch family. She unaware of this, though, because she was raised in a Brooklyn orphanage. She falls in love with Perer Dune, the owner of a paranormal store. The rub? He is actually an undercover agent working to roust fake psychic cons. I’m having fun with all of the 1930 fashions and lingo.


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