Bookshelf Love <3

I love me some bookshelf pictures. Have you seen Bookshelf Porn??? It is epic.

First of all I will show you my bookshelves which are arranged alphabetically by author. This is the only way I know how to find the books on the shelves or else it would be endless searching for, and probably forgetting books that I own.  This year I have tried to read all of my books in alphabetical order, because at the beginning of the year I could not decide what I wanted to read. I’m on the letter C now, and it is August.  I feel like I read a lot, but perhaps not, also I have a ton of books, and I make bi-weekly trips to Half Price Books with the intention of selling, and not buying, but always walk out with an arm load. LOL


As you can see, I love books! I need more shelves, but I don’t have the room.  Below are some of the best book shelves I have seen on Bookshelf Porn, Google, and Pinterest. Swoon ❤


What about you guys??? How do you organize your shelves? Authors, titles, genres, colors? Let me know!! and if you do it by color, please tell me how you find books without searching for hours!!



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