Harry Potter Short Story!

Harry Potter Short Story

This is literally all anyone is talking about!  I was so excited when I heard about this, and of course I had to read it immediately.  It is about the 2014 Quidditch World Cup, where Harry Potter (now 34), and other members of Dumbledore’s Army, are going to watch the match in the VIP box with all their children.  Ginny Potter, Harry’s Wife and Ron Weasley’s sister, is covering the match for the Daily Prophet much to the chagrin of Rita Skeeter.
Yes, that is right, somehow Rita Skeeter is still working for the Daily Prophet, and writing her completely fictitious and rude gossip column. You will get to follow the entire World Cup, and see who is pitted again who, and what the game was like, and who wins! Rita Skeeter is throwing in her snide remarks here, and there, and writes an entire column on what Harry and the crew are doing from the VIP box, complete with what they are saying, and thinking, even though she can’t hear them or read their thoughts.  Needless to say, she says a lot of untruths, and is quite annoying.  She makes me groan the entire time I am reading her perspective.  It is nice to get to read some more about all my favorite characters, and all their little ones though.

You can go to Pottermore by clicking here, to read the story for yourself.

Speaking of Pottermore, I got sorted into Ravenclaw.

“Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.”

You can make an account of your very own, and be sorted by the Sorting Hat, drift through the Harry Potter series, shop on Diagon Alley, prepare potions, cast spells, and challenge people to duels.  Pottermore Insider has the latest news about what is going on.


Originally I had hoped Pottermore would be more of an online MMO, where you could go on magical quests, and explore Hogwarts and the world of Harry Potter, and actually be sorted into the house with more than just answering a couple of questions. I think this would be amazing, and I would totally buy it, and pay a monthly subscription to play, and I WANT THIS SO BAD! PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!


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