American Library Association (ALA) annual conference

National Library Symbol (JPG) (large)

I went to the ALA conference in Las Vegas this year for the first time ever.

This is me waiting on the Book Buzz about the upcoming titles from Disney Hyperion

V__CCBE That is right. that says Blogger! I wish I had thought to bring business cards for my blog though, because everyone was asking the blog name and if I had something for them to check it out. 😦

It was really fun and exciting to meet authors, and get books signed.

I met Lemony Snicket! Can you believe that??!?!?

V__B243The line to meet him was over an hour long, and I was around the 100th person.  (It goes around the corner, and there were at least 100 people behind me)

V__7C85 He signed my books  V__CF41and talked shit about my city

and V__5487liked my tattoo! V__0BAB

It was soo fucking cool! ❤

V__7C8A  V__8A5A   V__420F


I got a ton of free books, and shipped them back in 3 or 4 boxes.  I already got one, and this is how the post office sent it.

WP_20140704_001 WP_20140704_003 WP_20140704_005 WP_20140704_006 Thanks a lot USPS! Great care when handling my shipping needs, and since I don’t know exactly what was in each box, I have no idea if anything is missing.

The first box of books (the only one that has arrived thus far, even though they were all mailed at the same time…) contained:

Whisper the Dead (The Lovegrove Legacy, #2)

Smek for President!

MARY: The Summoning (Bloody Mary, #1)

Who Could That Be at This Hour? (All The Wrong Questions, #1) (signed by Lemony Snicket!!! AHHH)

File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents (All the Wrong Questions, #2.5) (also signed!!!!)

Pennyroyal Academy



The Young World (The Young World Trilogy, #1)

Mistborn: The Final Empire (Mistborn, #1)


Now That You’re Here

Villainous (Supers of Noble’s Green, #3)

The Perfectionists

City of Stairs

Death Date

Paper Aeroplanes (Paper Aeroplanes, #1)



Secrets of the Book

The Blood Guard


I can’t wait to get the other boxes!




  1. […] I got this book for free at the ALA conference in Las Vegas this past June.  I can see why people would enjoy this book. In fact I even told my husband to read it.  I got about a quarter of the way through (which is pretty far for me on a book I won’t finish.) I semi-enjoyed it, and I don’t really know what I didn’t like about it, maybe I just wasn’t in the mood. […]


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