American Library Association (ALA) annual conference

National Library Symbol (JPG) (large)

I arrived in Las Vegas on Wednesday June 25, so that I could attend the ALA conference in Vegas with my friend Barbie.  I am not a member so I only get to go to the exhibits, which is fine with me because I got tons of FREE BOOKS! That is right folks, I said FREE BOOKS!  I have already shipped back 4 boxes to my house, and I get to go again tomorrow.

I have gotten a ton of book signings, and things, that I will post about later when I have time to sort everything out, so expect a few more posts on all the swag ALA is giving away.

LEMONY SNICKET is going to be signing books tomorrow.  I am going to totally geek out all over him!  He is one of my most favorite-ist authors, and I cant wait to meet him, and get his book signed, and get a picture with him, and touch him (ok maybe that is a little too far. LOL)



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