Gone Home – a review of the game


I bought Gone Home, because it sounded so interesting.  It costs $20, and I beat it within 1 hour.  I am not a great gamer by any means, so this game was ridiculously easy.  The reviews are misleading, because this game was not good. Don’t buy it! All you do is walk around find 2 combinations, and unlock 2 doors, and then it ends. There is no replay value. I have no idea why the other reviews are so high.  The graphics are good, the concept is good, the movements are ok, but it wasn’t really even a game.  It was just you walking through the house looking at all the crap the family has, and listening to your sister’s journal, and then it is over. Nothing exciting happens, actually nothing happens. Don’t waste $20, this is worth maybe $5 just to check it out.


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