Recently read Letting Ana Go by Anonymous

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I love diary style books, probably because I am nosy and like to snoop in other people’s business (I guess).  This is written like a diary from a teen girl who suffers from anorexia.  My favorite books deal with social issues like eating disorders, drug abuse, suicide, and violence.  IDK what makes me so interested in that type of book, so this book was especially good to me.

 This book is good for anyone interested in seeing how destructive eating disorders can be, and how easy they are to start, and how hard they are to stop.  The way the book shows the emotions of someone with anorexia felt very realistic. It really shows the way the world is, and how people will suffer or even die to be beautiful or fit in or be liked.   This book was very good, and I think it will benefit a lot of people by reading it.










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