He Answered by L.V. Robinson


Title:  He Answered
Author: L.V. Robinson

Publisher: Outskirts Press
Pub. Date: 12/8/11

Paperback:        pages: 62
How obtained?: Review copy from the Author


HE ANSWERED She had been coming around, calling, making idle threats. She had already called and made several false reports. Begged his family to talk to him. I thought, how much more trouble could she cause? We’d take them, become a blended family. How difficult could it be? How difficult would it be, she didn’t want them, right? I was about to find out, just how wrong I was.


I received this as a review copy from the author for an open and honest review.  This book ( more of a story) is sort of pieced together from different parts of this girl’s life. This was actually less of even a story and more of just a scattering of unrelated events. The author did not take any time to develop the characters, and I really just did not care what happened.  I was glad that the book was so short because I did not really enjoy it.  I am not sure why the author wrote the book or what the point was supposed to be.  She states that she wants the reader to feel encouraged after reading the novel, but you can hardly call it a novel, and I don’t see how anyone can be encouraged with her lack of description and lifeless characters.


I would not recommend this book to anyone.  It is very short and seemed pointless.


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