Doris in Dreamland by Cindy Argiento


Title: Doris in Dreamland
Author: Cindy Argiento

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
Pub. Date: 4/15/07

Paperback:        pages:  30
Genre: Children’s Book (?????????????)
How obtained?: Free Review copy from Dorrance Publishing


Have you ever wished that you could become something else, that you could watch others as they spent happy times with their families and share their joy with them? Doris can do this. Every night, she visits Dreamland in her sleep and turns into a red-and-black butterfly. She flies around, forgetting her old life and watching as children go about their daily lives. “In Dreamland, children’s lives were as they should be, filled with love, truth, and beauty.” Though her mommy and daddy love her very much, Doris has a dark secret, but she is able to forget her sadness in the happiness of her dreams. In each chapter, Doris has a new dream about a new place or event, including trick-or-treating, gym class, and the beach. Follow Doris the red-and-black butterfly as she embarks on her nightly adventures in Doris in Dreamland.


I received this from Dorrance Publishing for an open and honest review.  You can purchase their book from the Dorrance Book Store.
This book I guess is geared for children?  If I have kids, I will not let them read this book.  The synopsis of the book does not say anything about the book being about sexual abuse.  A lot of the sentences are just repeated over and over, for no apparent reason.  It also talks about Doris being ashamed of being touched someone she shouldn’t be by someone she thought she should trust.  The book does not give kids hope that they can feel better about being sexually abused, and Doris never even tells her parents. That is not what I would want my kids to do.  This book makes it seem like it is okay to be ashamed and never tell about sexual abuse.  It also makes it seem like it is the child’s fault (that is what Doris thinks).  I understand that maybe you would have those feelings at first, but that is not what I would want my child to gather from a book.


I would not recommend this book to anyone.  I did not like it at all. I wish the back had mentioned that Doris was sexually abused, and not just said “a dark secret”.


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