No Life ALone by: Shelley M. Hollenbeck


Title: No Life Alone

Author: Shelley M. Hollenbeck

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
Pub. Date: 8/1/05

Hardcover: pages 495
Genre: Fiction


Book Jacket:
For every butterfly that flutters its wings, the breeze is felt against one’s cheek on the other side of the world. Upon this premise Shelley M. Hollenbeck has based her epic novel, No Life Alone, spanning several decades of American history as she focuses on a group of diverse women who find themselves facing daily challenges peculiar to their time. In doing so, they are compelled to call upon reserves of courage, ingenuity, and compassion, unknowingly influencing each other’s lives until their combined knowledge culminates in offering the present-day recipient of fate’s attention a challenge she cannot possibly deny – to follow in their footsteps, or forever subdue her own self.


After I received this review copy from Dorrance Publishing, I started reading this book at least four times.  I tried to get into it , but the writing style is very boring.  The story is written in a weird format and the characters are introduced in weird places.  The book bounces back and fourth between different people and time periods, and is hard to follow.   The book is so long, even getting through the first chapter felt like it took forever.  Shelley does not keep the reader interested at all, and I had no desire to find out what was going to happen next in the book.


I would not recommend this book to anyone.  Even if you get passed the poor writing style, and your complete lack of interest in the stories and characters, there were grammatical errors!  I would give this book zero stars, but then it would look unrated.


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